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Dungeon Brawler VR

Educational Boxing VR Application that Helps Build Exercise Routine

Our application is a unique take on traditional VR boxing. We have added a dungeon-crawler game experience to it. Each level of the dungeon teaches the player a new boxing mechanic, and the levels progressively become more challenging. During boss fights, the boss will randomly throw a combination of previous combinations learned. After beating each level, players earn credits that they can use in shops to upgrade their stats and gain special abilities. Besides the fun gaming experience, players' exercise progress, such as punches thrown, calories burnt, and the best time at each level, is recorded so players can track their progress.


This application has significant business value as it targets a diverse range of customers. Not only those who want to learn boxing and develop an exercise routine, but gyms can also use it as a traction and provide a whole new training experience.

Social Impact:

Traditional boxing applications can be difficult for users to stick to because they lack a sense of progression. However, by incorporating a fun gaming experience with clear meta progression, users are more likely to stay committed to their workout routines. This application also makes learning boxing more accessible to those who don't want to pay high prices for training lessons.

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