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AR Application inspired by Pokemon GO

Our team built this application using Unity in under three weeks. The inspiration behind the app is the popular augmented reality game Pokemon GO. To create the AR interaction, we utilized Unity's AR Foundation, and for real-time location tracking, we employed the MapBox SDK


The player's major objective is to plant trees and earn oxygen points (OP). Different types of trees generate varying amounts of OP. As players visit landmarks, they will receive extra resources and unlock new types of trees. However, players must be careful of squirrels, who can damage their trees. To protect their trees, players can buy acorns using their resources. With more resources, players can unlock additional content and build wealth, competing against others on the leaderboard!

Social Impact:

The application's main objective is to promote tourism. Game progression and competitiveness of the application incentivize users to explore different landmarks in Ann Arbor to speed up progression and climb up the leaderboard. 

Connecting Dots

Video Demo

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