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Quiet Desk

About Me

I am a recent graduate of the University of Michigan's esteemed College of Engineering, where I majored in Computer Science. My academic interests are deeply rooted in pioneering fields such as game development, extended reality, and the study of human-computer interaction. My experience is very diverse, including personal project initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures in startups, professional engagements in the industry, and scholarly pursuits in academia. My work ethic is characterized by a commitment to get things done efficiently, and in collaborative environments, I consistently demonstrate leadership, guiding teams toward achieving our collective goals with a focus on innovation and precision.



Solstice Games Studio

Co-founder, Executive Producer

Dec 2022 ~ Present

  • Led a team of 7 in an initiative to expand a local multiplayer school project into a profitable online multiplayer game, incorporating 3 new agents, 5 new weapons, an upgrade system, and a new game mode under six months, demonstrating effective leadership, teamwork, and innovation.

  • Won first place in a month-long Build Blue hackathon, beating 29 other teams and raising over $4,000 in funds.

WolverineSoft Studio

Project Lead

May 2023 ~ Dec 2023

  • Managed a 35-member multidisciplinary team to develop the first online multiplayer-focused game in the studio, "Tails of War," in two semesters using Unity, Photon, and PlayFab services.

  • Facilitated the establishment of a solid online multiplayer framework, cutting online multiplayer game production time in half for the studio.

  • Deployed new processes that allowed producers to take more responsibility, reducing the workload of department leads and improving communication across the studio


May 2022 ~ May 2023

  • Spearheaded the creation of a versatile data-saving mechanism within Unity for the WolverineSoft General Library, optimizing game data storage on local machines.

  • Orchestrated the development of multifaceted systems, including a dynamic drag-and-drop shop, intricate melee weapon inventory, visually engaging HUD elements, robust checkpoint systems, and exhilarating boss fights.

MDP SIM Research Team

Research Assistance

Jan 2023 ~ Dec 2023

  • Led a 12-person team to create a code-free driving simulator employing Carla, RoadRunner, and custom Python libraries, enhancing accessibility for research purposes.

  • Engineered a data collection library for Carla and an Unreal Engine 5 plugin, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to simulator development.

  • Conducted experiments utilizing the driving simulator and vision occlusion method to establish a standardized benchmark for driving workload.


SDE I Intern

May 2023 ~ Aug 2023

  • Gained proficiency in 3 new programming languages to develop an image component in an internal cross-platform UI framework, facilitating responsive image presentation across Android and iOS devices through native views while accommodating 11 distinct file formats.

  • Enhanced image rendering efficiency by implementing asynchronous image loading and caching mechanisms, enabling loading over 450 GIFs while maintaining memory utilization below 80 MB.

  • Spearheaded the establishment of a comprehensive unit testing framework encompassing 47 test cases with detailed documentation, setting the standards for unit test practices.

Taiwan Mobile

Software Engineer Intern

May 2022 ~ Aug 2022

  • Led a team of 7 student interns to produce 5+ multiplayer minigames using GDevelop 5 and custom API endpoints provided by Taiwan Mobile.

  • Organized a detailed course on game development and server connection independently to make the project accessible to high schools and universities in Taiwan and inspire them to join the STEM fields.

DBS Bank

Software Engineer Intern

Jun 2021 ~ Mar 2022

  • Developed a multiplayer team-building game - "New Era" - using Unity and Firebase services (Authentication, Realtime Database, and Cloud Functions) in under four months.

  • Expanded the connection bandwidth to 100+ people by migrating backend services and databases to Amazon Web Service and changing the connection method from simple HTTP requests to WebSocket connections.

  • Received abundant positive feedback from attendees after holding multiple 50+ people team building events using “New Era” as the main activity.

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