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Curse of the Corsair

Curse of the Corsair was a case study on Hyper Light Drifter. I was a programmer in the player squad and enemy squad in this project, developing a melee weapon system and the 3 boss fights.

01 Melee Weapon

I was responsible for developing the melee weapon system in this game. Each weapon was designed with specific attributes such as attack duration, windup duration, cooldown, and charge attack. To facilitate the process, I created a base class that allowed the programmer to easily inherit these attributes. The base class also included complex logic to manage the player's active skills, movement, inventory, and checkpoints.

02 Bosses

The player squad was ahead of schedule, so I was moved to the enemy squad to work on the bosses. The bosses' mechanics include a complex flow chart with numerous different phases. Furthermore, each boss has its unique attack and routine. Since the bosses' attacks are so distinct, I did not create a base class like I did with the melee weapons. Instead, bosses use some common components, such as health and visuals, and uses a different controller for the routines. 

Boss 1: Starfish

Available Attacks:

  • Leap (the hardest part is to create the effect of a 3D jump in a 2D space)

  • Spin Attack

  • Rush Attack

  • Screen Bomb

  • Homing Shot

Boss 2: Viking

Available Attacks:

  • Leap

  • Shock Square

  • Summon

  • Sniper Round

  • Phase 1 Attack vs. Phase 2 Attack (phase 2 trigger when health is halved)

Boss 3: Demon Boss

Available Attacks:

  • Teleport

  • Phantom Spin Attack 

  • Phantom Spear

  • Demon Flames

  • Soul Harvest

  • Devastating Blow

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