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EECS 494: Introduction to Game Development

It all began here - a class that sparked my passion for game development. I embarked on my journey by replicating the beloved NES game, Metroid, and as my team and I pushed ourselves, we successfully crafted our own original 3D puzzle game.



Metroid NES Remastered

This game is a replica of the Nintendo game "Metriod". BUT...there's a twist. Samus discovers a new ability! Can you defeat evil RIFT REO?


TILTED - Rapid Prototype

Done in a week!

TILTED is a novel platformer game. Player does not move by the overly used "WASD" button any more! This game is all about physics. Can you escape the evil "Pewhy Land"?

Screenshot 2022-02-16 004646.png



Project ION

Done in 6 weeks!

Genre: Puzzle, Stealth Action

Ion and his kind are destroyed by Evil Corp. However, in the process, Ion gained the ability to hack other robots. Can Ion hijack Project Gear and stop Evil Corp from taking over the world?

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