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Project ION

Project ION was the final project of the game design course, which took 6 weeks to complete. It's a combination of stealth action and puzzle games, where players have to hack different robots to gain various abilities to solve different puzzles.

01 Game Artist

I was in charge of all the art-related tasks for this game, which included creating models, VFX, UI, cutscenes, and animations. To keep the project within budget, I decided to use a common sci-fi theme and searched for low-poly royalty-free models online. Additionally, I designed the entire UI, with a particular focus on the level selection menu and the results screen. Many people have praised the UI design, noting that it meets industry standards.


02 Programmer

In the game, I have a second role as a programmer. My main task is to work on the major hacking mechanics where the player can eject himself and hack machines or robots that have a lower energy shield. If the player hits anything that cannot be hacked, like a wall or higher energy robots, it will ricochet a few times before returning. The main challenge of my tasks is to account for many edge cases and deal with Unity physics, which includes weird collision and ricochet angles.

03 Level Designer

As a level designer in this project, I was responsible for dividing the levels of the game into different worlds to provide better guidance. Each world was designed to teach a new ability to the player, with the first world introducing the basic core mechanics. The difficulty of the levels slowly increases as the player progresses through each world, and more abilities are incorporated into puzzle solving.

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