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EECS 498: Extended Reality & Society

During this class, I expanded beyond game development and explored VR/AR applications. I also gained knowledge on developing applications with both business value and social impact.



CSE Simulator

VR Experince of Umich CS Student

The CSE simulator was built in 3 weeks. The building is a model of Bob and Betty Beyster building's CAEN lab. The simulation allows you to experience what it is like to be a computer science at the University of Michigan. Beware! The ghost of unfinished projects might haunt this place!



AR Application inspired by Pokemon GO

This application is built in under 3 weeks. Its main purpose is to promote tourism around Ann Arbor (A2) and raise awareness of the imbalanced usage of natural resources. 




Dungeon Brawler VR

We have developed a fitness application that encourages people to exercise through boxing. Don't mistake this application for another boring boxing simulator. We incorporated dungeon crawler-style gameplay to make your workout session a blast! Players will have to learn how to jab, swing, block, dodge, and slide to defeat enemies in the way of you and your freedom.

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